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Hey there! I’m a Front-End developer with 2+ years of experience.

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Analytical and creative software engineer with experience throughout the software development life cycle. Building full-stack solutions with an emphasis on frontend development to drive technology projects forward.

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Experience || Education


Frontend Developer

Fathym - Remote

  • Created a new project tool to allow users to host a website from a GitHub or by choosing one of many templates by building the interface on React and Material UI. Collaborated with backend developers to build APIs that met project requirements.
  • Led the discovery, design, and implementation of a new onboarding process for hosting personal websites that resulted in the launch of over 100 websites in one year. Aided by multiple marketing landing pages built on modern frontend frameworks.
  • Refactored monolith code base into smaller components. Extracted reusable components into internal library, including documentations for peer developers. Supported training for end-users by creating online videos and tutorials.


Google UX Design Certificate



Bachelors in Computer Science

Colorado State University- Fort Collins, Colorado


Backend Developer (Intern)

Nutrien - Loveland, Colorado

  • Supported development of an international agriculture application, Nutrien Digital Hub, to enhance digital agronomy services on an Agile team of four developers, taking part in code reviews, DevOps lifecycle processes, completing tasks and tickets, and supporting bi-weekly sprint code pushes.
  • Took part in a data migration project to move data from legacy database to a newly integrated SAP HANA database by updating database calls in ASP.net project.
  • Spearheaded the growth of code coverage from 15% to 80% in four weeks by writing unit tests using Moq to mock data, function calls, and expected results.


Software Developer (Intern)

Nutrien - Loveland, Colorado

  • Collaborated with multiple agile teams to support the development of projects relating to weather, mapping, and e-commerce agriculture that helped farmers increase crop yield.
  • Wrote scripts for Microsoft SQL Server using Python to support data analytics for new user acquisition efforts by providing valuable farm data such as purchasing history, farm size, locations, crops, and others.
  • Automated farm data retrieval using AWS lambda application written in Node.js that company agronomists collected when visiting customer farms leading to faster and more consistent data analysis to inform future product strategy.


Associates of Science

Front Range Community College - Fort Collins, Colorado


All ProjectsDeveloper ProjectsUX Projects
Screenshot of application tracker dashboard

Job Application Tracker

Full stack job application tracking app using Next.js including Auth, Database integration, CRUD operations and more.

Screenshot of AI landing page

AI Designed Landing Page

An AI design landing page for a new sports car. Content, Car name, and image are all AI generated. The landing page was then made in React.js

Chat GPT
Prototype of animal rescue website

Animal Rescue UX case study

A UX/UI case study, designing a responsive web site for an animal shelter. Using mobile first design philosophies.

User Research
UX Design
Screenshot of tip splitting application

Tip Splitting Web Application

Enter your bill total, the tip amount and how many people you're dining with and Splitter will tell you how much each person needs to pay.

Screenshot of ip tracking website

IP Address Tracker

Either see the location of your current IP address, enter in a web domain, or another IP address and this tracker will show you where that IP address is located.

Screenshot of Valorant agent app

Valorant Agent App

A clone of the official Valorant Agent app created in React.js using the Valorant agent API to get agent information.


Vaccine Ride Share UX Case Study

A UX/UI case study based on an idea to get more people vaccinated for COVID-19. A community volunteer rideshare program.

User Research

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